Sustainable Agriculture Activity Guides

On-Farm Experiential Learning for High School and College Students

A New Publication for Farm and Garden-Based Educators Working with Youth

This collection of activity guides is designed for use with students who visit college and university farms and similar farm programs that are involved in youth education. The guides cover nine field-based activities focusing on diverse sustainable agriculture activities and concepts that can be completed within one hour.

Introduction, including How to use the Guides.

Individual Activity Guides, are available as downloadable pdf files

Table of Contents

  1. Activity Guide: Compost - Transform Trash to Treasure [PDF]
  2. Activity Guide: Cover Crops - Grow Your Own Fertilizer [PDF]
  3. Activity Guide: Earthworms - Build Soil Fertility [PDF]
  4. Activity Guide: Greenhouse - Get Your Crops Off to a Great Start [PDF]
  5. Activity Guide: Weeds - Keeping Ahead of the Competition [PDF]
  6. Activity Guide: Insects - Encourage Beneficials, Deter Pests [PDF]
    Insects ID Sheets [PDF]
  7. Activity Guide: Local Food - Taste the Difference [PDF]
  8. Activity Guide: Health - Eat Colorful, Fresh Produce [PDF]
  9. Activity Guide: Food Miles - Buy Local, Pollute Less [PDF]
  10. Activity Guide: Peppers Galore – Exploring Genetic Diversity in Crops [PDF]
  11. Activity Guide: Promoting Pollination – Farming for Native Bees [PDF]
  12. Activity Guide: Community Involvement in Research – Monitoring Pollinator Populations using Public Participation in Scientific Research [PDF]
  13.  Activity Guide: Vermicompost – Waste Not, With Worms [PDF]
  14. Activity Guide: Irrigating Crops – Water Budgeting and Irrigation Systems [PDF]
  15. Activity Guide: Nitrogen Dynamics – Feeding the Crops that Feed Us [PDF]


In order to view these files, use Adobe Reader, available for download for free here.


Damian Parr & Mark Van Horn, University of California, Davis
Ann Marie Kennedy & Arron White, Grant High School, Sacramento, California